One Piece Film Gold: New Trailer Released; Character Designs Revealed

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One Piece Film Gold is just 4 months away prior to its release day. Fans can actively wait by staying tuned in to updates that are being posted from time to time on the official website, Just recently, the website posted the new trailer and information about the original film characters.

Design N Trend reports that the video clip of One Piece Film Gold tells fans more about the anime movie as it also reveals the new costumes of the Strawhat Pirates. In the PV, you could see that the Strawhats crew were ?fooling around with some kind of gold ball,? which of course implies the theme of the film. The Strawhat pirates are seen sporting leather costumes in the movie.

As for the new stars that will be introduced in One Piece Film Gold, Anime News Network gives a brief description of each character. The character designs that are revealed through the website are also fantastic. However, ANN notes that ?Shueisha published the rough drafts of these characters that One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda drew in this year’s 14th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump on Monday.?

One Piece fans would now meet Gild Tezoro, described not only as a very wealthy man and a ?casino king? but also a devil fruit user. He loves eating ?Gol Gol fruit.?

The other 4 new characters who work at Gild Tezoro?s huge golden ship, called the Gran Tezoro, are Baccarat, Carina, Dice and Mr. Tanaka. Baccarat is not an ordinary concierge of the Gran Tezoro. She is also a devil fruit user and has eaten “lucky lucky” fruit. Thus, anyone she touches would have their luck changed. She is described as an elegant yet mysterious woman ?who acts as an escort for the Straw Hat pirates.? Carina on the other hand is described as a famous singer, who is truly gifted with a beautiful voice.

We also get to know Dice, a large muscled man who works as a dealer at the casino who ?offers his audience the highest level of game and has a special ability.? As for Mr. Tanaka, he is another devil fruit user who has secretive devil fruit powers. He has eaten ?the ?nuke nuke? fruit, which means ?to do whatever one one pleases.? He is in charge of the interior security at the Gran Tezoro.

So what do you think of these 5 news characters for One Piece Film Gold? For sure, their different personalities will definitely add an exciting mix to the the old crew of the Strawhats pirates.

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