One Piece Fantasy Poll: Which Pirate Crew Will You Join?

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If you were stranded in the middle of the ocean, which of these One Piece pirates would you like to rescue you? Of course this would entail that you would spending the rest of your life working as a crew for them and that captain would be your master. (No, you can’t choose death!)?Cast your votes for this One Piece Fantasy poll on the plugin below.

Big Mom Pirates

Ship: Singing Ship

Captain: Charlotte LinLin

To join their crew, you must marry one of her children or Charlotte Linlin herself. You have plenty of choices for she has 39 daughters and 46 sons. Big Mom is known to eat her subordinates if she is ever displeased or having cravings. So do watch out for that. Keeping a piece of candy with you at all times would probably be good for you.

Even the demons of hell will come when called to Mama?s tea parties! – Vito

One Piece Fantasy

Donquixote Pirates

Ship: SAD Tanker

Captain: Donquixote Doflamingo

To be a crew member, you would have to undergo severe training as the Donquixote is known for their high standards. Once you pass, you will be heavily involved in the Underworld, producing and selling weapons and even getting into slavery. This pirate crew is said to have the most number Devil Fruit users, which are mostly Paramecia with two Logia.

Curse you bloodlines then!! You people were born as lowly trash, destined to be controlled!! You humans and I are completely different! – Doflamingo

One Piece Fantasy

Beast Pirates

Ship: Mammoth

Captain: Kaido

The captain of this crew is known for his violent mood swings, especially when drunk (which is like almost all the time). The Beast Pirates is one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world. And if you are one of them, Kaido will make you strong by giving you an artificial Devil Fruit. Just make sure to always do what he says or else he might hit you out of his ship using his mace.

To repeat, he single handedly challenged the marines and yonko, was captured 18 times, and tortured over a thousand times..
One Piece Fantasy

Ivankov?s Okama Crew (not a pirate crew but hey it?s fun!)

Kingdom: Kamabakka Kingdom

King: Emporio Ivankov

Join the colorful and happy kingdom of Okamas. They will teach you how to have a heart like a maiden?s. They will feed you power-enhancing attack cuisine and you will dance happily around the kingdom day and night. Ivankov?s Devil Fruit can make you pretty – if you are a man, Ivankov can definitely turn you into an okama and make you live a happier life.

Don?t underestimate miracles! – Ivankov

One Piece Fantasy

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