One Piece 851 Spoilers: Vinsmokes, Straw Hats Vs Big Mom

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The upcoming One Piece 851 is going to be an interesting one after what has transpired in the previous chapter. Readers should anticipate an action-packed installment as Sanji and Reiju are expected to form an alliance with the Straw Hats.

In the previous chapter of the manga series, Sanji was excited about his marriage with Pudding. As they wait for the ceremony to take place, Sanji decided to give his bride-to-be a bento. However, the talking door of her room did not let him enter.

As a result of this, Sanji decided to climb up the balcony and enter through the window. But, as he sneaked through the window, Sanji saw Pudding talking to his sister Reiju. And to his surprise, Pudding revealed probably the biggest twist in the manga series. Pudding told Reiju that she really has no plan on marrying Sanji. Instead, they will slaughter the Vinsmokes during the wedding ceremony.

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This turn of events will certainly suggest that readers should expect that no wedding will take place in One Piece 851. Also, there are speculations that Sanji would soon look for the Straw Hats and tell everything he knows. Should that be the case, then an action-packed chapter is indeed coming right up.

Another theory states that the wedding ceremony will be pushed through. But, prior to the rite, Sanji has planned everything all out with the Straw Hats. So, instead of the Yonko killing the Vinsmokes, Sanji will surprise them with a war.

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Before this theory take place, one thing should be addressed first. Luffy and Nami are still prisoners of Big Mom. Question is, who will give get them out of there. There are speculations that it could be Chopper and Carrot. Because they are in the mirror world, they are capable of resurfacing in the real world through any mirror.

So, this fact will suggest that they would soon end up in a room near Luffy and Nami?s cell. And once they located them, Carrot and Chopper will be the ones to free them.

How about you? What other things do you expect to happen in One Piece 851? Do you think Luffy and Nami will get out of prison before the Vinsmokes start a war against that Yonko? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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