‘One Piece’ Episode 836 Spoilers: Big Mom to Use Her Soul-Soul Fruit to Do More Evil, Sanji to Be Her Ally?

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New spoilers are in for all One Piece fans. Sanji and the rest of the gang face new challenges in the much awaited episode 836. There is a huge chance that Sanji will remain to be under the watch of Big Mom. Based on the events that took place during episode 835, he could remain enslaved for a very long time.

Sanji could try to escape. But before he does, Big Mom could use the power of the Soul-Soul Fruit on him. In One Piece episode 835, the Soul-Soul Fruit was revealed to be a formidable evil weapon. The powerful fruit can do a lot of things. But in the hands of Big Mom, it could do nothing but all evil. Big Mom uses it to be able to eat souls and give life to non-living things. Most recently, she used the Soul-Soul Fruit to make the Whole Cake Island look human. Fans could expect that Big Mom is going to use it to accomplish more of her evil plans. These include keeping Sanji and not allowing him to go anywhere else.

One Piece episode 836 may see Big Mom using the same weapon in order to leave Sanji with no choice but to marry Pudding. It looks like Sanji could never really run away from the wedding. The aim of Big Mom is to ensure that all her plans will be fulfilled. If everything goes in Big Mom?s favour, there could be an alliance between him and Sanji. Fans could also see him being part of Big Mom’s kingdom in the next episode of One Piece.

Big Mom‘s devil fruit could also cause Sanji to give up his lifespan during the wedding ceremony. In the last episode, fans have seen Big Mom as she convinces Jinbei to be a member of her group. She made an irresistible offer. ?Jinbei was not able to neglect the deal. And as we could expect Big Mom to do more devilish ways with her evil fruit, things could only get worse for Sanji.

Indeed, there are several exciting things One Piece episode 836 has to offer.

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