One Piece Episode 771: Momonosuke Closes Deal With Luffy And Law

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One Piece Anime

Get your tissues ready once more as Episode 771 of the One Piece Anime is now out and streaming. The anime has been one of the longest running shows and it’s really not surprising to see lots of filler episodes.

What Episode 771 included

This current episode of the One Piece Anime offers fans an episode of talking in a room, standing, for the third time. This types of episodes is not at all surprising, usually they include a hint that previews what the anime has to offer more.

In the review by Anime News Network, the focus of the episode this week is Momonosuke, the heir of Oden and a samurai child. The episode kicks off with Kin’nemon asking Luffy and Law to team up with the Kozuki tribe with Luffy flatly refusing.

This refusal by Luffy is due to the fact that he would have said yes faster if Momonosuke asked him directly. Luffy may be known as a crazy character, but he has his moments as well. He had wanted Momonosuke to get the courage and the strength to fight and take responsibility.

One Piece Anime

Eventually, Momonosuke gave in, with tears in his eyes, and closes the deal with Luffy and Law. This specific scene is the turning point of the very emotional episode 771 of the One Piece Anime.

Are we finally getting more One Piece Anime fight scenes?

The past few episodes have been all about laying groundwork to set up for the epic fight, but it may have been a bit redundant. They have been staying in the same room and a lot of unnecessary flashbacks occurred as well.

The drama and the narration were of course important to the story, but the manga did not need to do this. But let’s wait and see if this will be the last filler episode and if we’ll finally see some fighting with Emperors now.

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