One Piece Episode 765 Spoilers: Sanji?s Past Revealed; Luffy Fights Big Mom?

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One Piece Episode 765 Spoilers

Sanji?s past has slowly caught up with him and now he has to face it head on. Trapped inside Capone Bege?s castle, Sanji helps his friends escape while he stays behind to confront Big Mom on his own. Here is an episode 764 recap and spoilers for One Piece episode 765.

Capone Bege

The tea party invitation states that Sanji Vinsmoke is to wed Charlotte Pudding, Big Mom?s 35th daughter. Capone Bege and Vito explains that once Big Mom invites someone to one of her tea parties, no one dares refuse. They cited?that even the devil himself would come because Big Mom is THAT powerful. Vito whispers a piece of information to Sanji – that leaves him in terrible shock.

Sanji then asks for a pen and paper and writes a farewell note to Luffy. He gives this to Nami, apologizing and saying he did not mean to hide things from them. He hugs them and Chopper was in tears.

Sensing Cat Viper?s presence nearby, Sanji uses this opportunity to throw Nami, Chopper, and Brook out. As soon as his crew are free, Sanji prevents Bege?s men from running after them. He takes Caesar hostage, knowing that his enemies would not harm them.

Soon enough, Bege feels Cat Viper lurking behind him. Cat Viper asks for an explanation as to why Pekoms is lifeless on the ground. Nami, Chopper, and Brook reveal to the Duke of the Night what Bege did and they plead for Sanji to stay with them. However, Sanji made up his mind and promised that he would return. Bege flees Zou.

One Piece Episode 765 Spoilers


Back in the present time, the Straw Hats argue if they should help Sanji or not. Zoro was one of those who strongly believe that they should leave Sanji alone. After all, the letter did not say ?thanks for everything?, which means he?ll really be back. Robin also knows that none of them could go up against an Emperor like Big Mom. Despite all this, Luffy decides that they will head to Totto Land quietly and meet with Sanji.

In One Piece Episode 765, the rest of the Straw Hats crew will finally meet Cat Viper and Pekoms. Information about the Vinsmoke family will also be revealed.

It seems like Luffy and the gang are finally headed to a new arc and are off to save Sanji.

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