One Piece Episode 764 Spoilers: Sanji?s Family Revealed to the Straw Hats; Pekoms Alive?

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One Piece Episode 764 Spoilers

Is Pekoms Dead? Will Sanji go with Capone Bege to Big Mom?s Castle? Here is a recap of Episode 763 and spoilers for One Piece Episode 764.

Castle-Castle Fruit

Pekoms falls to the ground after being shot by Capone Bege. Sanji and Brook get ready to fight when Bege opens his chest and reveals that he is a human castle. Bege?s men come out of his chest and surround Sanji and Brook. Before they could attack, Veto, Bege?s right hand man, appears, with Chopper and Nami as hostages. Bege forces Caesar to show himself as well. Sanji and the gang are left with no choice but to follow Bege inside his castle.

As they gather in the dining area, Bege reveals that he is not just after Caesar. He hands Sanji an invitation from Big Mom for a tea party and Sanji?s wedding. The Straw Hats were shocked about this and start being suspicious of Sanji?s family. They soon learn that he is the third son of the Vinsmoke family. Bege informs them that he is to marry Big Mom?s 35th daughter.

Sanji refuses to attend the wedding. However, Bege says he has no choice, plus his real body began moving away from Zou.

One Piece Episode 764 Spoilers

In One Piece episode 764, this is where we see Sanji writing a letter to his captain and the rest of the Straw Hats.

He will use this opportunity to let the others escape. Sanji will then hold Caesar as hostage to stop Bege and his men from chasing after his friends. Cat Viper also appears and Bege makes a run for it, taking Sanji and Caesar with him.

Pekoms is Alive

One Piece episode 764 will also reveal that Pekoms, although severely injured, will live through this. At the last minute, Pekoms was able to activate his Devil Fruit, blocking half of Bege?s shots.

More revelation about Big Mom and Sanji?s family in the next episode! Keep it here on The BitBag for One Piece spoilers and updates.

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