One Piece Episode 758 Spoilers: Dukes of Mokomo versus Jack; Jack?s True Form Revealed

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One Piece Episode 758 Spoilers

Back in Zou Arc, Wanda continues to tell the Straw Hats about the events that transpired 17 days ago. The Straw Hats discover that the subordinates of Kaido, Captain of the Beasts Pirates, invaded Zou in search of a ninja named Raizo. Among these subordinates is a giant mammoth, Jack the Drought, one of Kaido?s right hand men. His group begins to wreak havoc on the dwellings of the Mink Tribe. Will the Mink Tribe survive a second attack from Jack and his crew? Here is an episode 757 recap and One Piece Episode 758 spoilers.

Poor Mink Tribe

Seventeen days ago, as Wanda recounts, the Minks were being their usually friendly selves – kids were running around, some were relaxing in their homes, and the marketplace was a busy happy place where most citizens of Mokomo Dukedom convene. Jack and his men break through the gate leaving structures in ruins and some of the Minks severely injured. Jack and Sheepshead ask the Minks to release the ninja Raizo. The Minks tell them they do not know who Raizo is and this upsets Jack. He orders his men to lay waste to the country.

Good thing these Minks are natural-born fighters equipped with Electro. The Minks are able to defeat the Pleasures so now Jack brings out the Gifters.

In One Piece Episode 758, expect the minks? Musketeer Squad to put up a good fight against the Beasts Pirates.

Duke Dogstorm, ruler of the day, will also confront Jack himself and try to reason with him. But Jack?s hot headedness will cause the duke to end his efforts to settle this peacefully.

One Piece Episode 758 Spoilers

Dukes of Mokomo versus Jack

Perhaps One Piece Episode 758 will continue to show the battle between Duke Dogstorm and Jack.

Once 6pm arrives, Duke of the Night, Master Cat Viper, will help defeat Jack and drive him and his crew away from Zou.

If you have read the manga, this battle of the Minks will last 5 days with Dogstorm and Cat Viper taking turns. You probably know that underneath the mammoth looking appearance, Jack is hiding his true form. Find out on One Piece Episode 758.

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