One Piece Episode 750 Finale, 751 Zou Arc Premier Nears

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One Piece Episode 751
One Piece Episode 751 ?The Start of a New Adventure ? Arrival at the Mysterious Island, ?Zou??

One Piece, a series that has been around for almost two decades, will soon be starting a new adventure in the Zou Arc. After the Silver Mine Arc, Luffy and the rest of the gang will enter the third island in the New World.

Based on reports revealed in the August issue of Kodakawa?s Newtype Magazine, fans will need to set their calendars on July 31, 2016 instead of July 24 for the premier of Episode 751. The ongoing Silver Mine Arc will end on July 17 and will be following the schedule below upon its conclusion:


July 17 ? One Piece Episode 750: ?FINALE ?A Desperate Situation ? Luffy?s Extreme Scorching Battle?

  • ????????Screenplay: Hitoshi Tanaka
  • ????????Episode director: Yoshihiro Ueda
  • ????????Storyboard: Yoshihiro Ueda
  • ????????Animation director: Toshio Deguchi


July 24 ? Break


Zou anime arc:


July 31 ? One Piece Episode 751: ?PREMIERE ?The Start of a New Adventure ? Arrival at the Mysterious Island, ?Zou??

  • ????????Screenplay: Tomohiro Nakayama
  • ????????Episode director: Katsumi Tokoro
  • ????????Storyboard: Katsumi Tokoro
  • ????????Animation director: Shigefumi Shingaki


August 7 ? One Piece Episode 752: ?The New Warlord ? Son of the Legendary Whitebeard Arrives?

  • ????????Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • ????????Episode director: Tetsuya End?
  • ????????Storyboard: Tetsuya End?
  • ????????Animation director: Y?suke Is?chi


One Piece fans will also be treated to a two-hour television special this month with One Piece: Heart of Gold. This is to make way for the One Piece Film: Gold which is set to open on the big screens in Japan on July 23. There will be 743 theaters to screen the movie, which is a record breaking number and largest for any Japanese film. The film will screen on 3D, 4DX, and MX4D with English and Chinese subtitles.


The first Arc in Yonko Saga, Zou Arc is the 28th arc in the series continuing the Dressrosa Saga. Once they defeat Doflamingo, the Straw Hats, Trafalga Law Kinemon, and Kunjuro will continue to Zou to reunite with Sanji and the others. They will soon discover that Zou has been under siege by Jack and the Beasts Pirates. ??


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