One Piece Chapter 850 Spoilers: Vinsmokes Vs Yonkous; Sanji?s Wedding Cancelled, Chopper and Carrot Escapes Mirror World

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One Piece 844 Spoilers

The last chapter of One Piece left fans with a cliffhanger. Chapter 489 shows a wounded Reiju. This has led to speculations that she was attacked by Big Mom’s lackeys. This will most likely cause a battle between the Vinsmokes and the Yonkous that might happen in One Piece Chapter 850.

One Piece Chapter 850 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter of One Piece will reveal who is behind the attack. Meanwhile, the rest of the Vinsmokes will be busy preparing for the wedding of Sanji. Some fans are doubtful that it was Big Mom who planned the attack on Reiju.

Big Mom being the mastermind of the attack is hard to believe. One Piece Chapter 849 showed that she was busy with Lady Pudding, Sanji, Luffy and Nami. But no one seems capable of hurting a Vinsmoke that way other the Yonkous. It may also be an Haki expert who attacked the Vinsmoke lady.

If rumors are true that it was Big Mom?s men who were behind the attack, Sanji?s wedding might just be cancelled. The Vinsmokes might get seriously mad. This might cause them to withdraw from the marriage agreement.

Big Mom had always wanted to see her daughter Pudding get married to Sanji. The wedding?s cancellation might spring Big Mom’s rage. Therefore a battle between her army and the Vinsmokes might occur in One Piece Chapter 850.

Chopper and Carrot Now Free ?

Straw Hat Pirates might receive a new good news in the upcoming chapter of One Piece. That is Chopper and Carrot?s escape from the Mirror World. It was revealed in the last chapter that they can see the Whole Cake Island from the Mirror World. Chopper and Carrot can take advantage of all the mirrors in Big Mom’s headquarter as a passageway. It is most likely that the two characters will reunite with their friends in One Piece Chapter 850.

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