One Piece Chapter 850 Manga: Spoilers For 2017 Chapters Leaked

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One Piece chapter 850 spoilers have been circulating online. It detailed what fans can expect from the manga?s upcoming episodes this 2017.

New One Piece episodes will allegedly show how Chopper and Carrot will run away. They will get out from the mirror world and search for Brook and Big Mom. However, the latter will end up facing the Straw Hat pirates.

One Piece manga spoilers

According to Hall of Fame magazine, Carrot and Chopper be able to escape from Brulee Charlotte. On the other hand, Nami and Luffy will remain in jail.

There will also reportedly be a scene in the next One Piece manga wherein an upset Charlotte Linlin will visit Brook. Big Mom will also confront the Soul King about running around her castle.

One Piece 848 Spoilers

Linlin will be busy taking care of intrusive pirates. Vinsmokes will also be seen enjoying themselves as they talk about the future of Pudding and Sanji.

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One Piece chapter 850 highlight

A high point in One Piece chapter 850 is when Big Mom gets taken down by Straw Hat pirates. There is also a speculation about Carrot and Chopper appearance in the middle of Big Mom and Brook?s battle.

Furthermore, Chopper and Carrot will discover that the mirror realm is connected to the Whole Cake Island. This will fuel their hopes about finally locating Brook. The three will eventually get reunited. However, they will be faced with the challenge as to how Big Mom will not find out about Pedro getting to Poneglyph.

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One Piece 2017

Spoilers reports vaguely pointed out how Carrot and Chopper won?t even know where Brook, Pedro, Nami, Luffy and Sanji are.

Upon discovering this, they are expected to go to Nami and Luffy first. Once the two are out of prison, they will all save Brook and Pedro.

There is also a theory that the four will part ways in One Piece 2017 episodes. Luffy and Carrot will supposedly focus on getting Brook from Linlin. Meanwhile, Pedro will be assisted by Chopper and Nami in his fight with Baron.

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Fans will get to know if these One Piece chapter 850 spoilers are true when it is released?soon. For updates, keep following TheBitBag.

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