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One Piece Chapter 848 is again going to be interesting as it is expected to feature Big Mom?s death. Other speculations state that instead of killing Big Mom, Luffy will escape prison first before finally heading to the biggest fight of the series. Question is, which one will take place in the upcoming installment?

It can be recalled that Big Mom?s army easily defeated Luffy and Nami in the previous chapter. When the army tried to bring Luffy to the cell, he challenged Big Mom to a fight. However, the latter declined the offer and ordered his army to lock Luffy and Nami up.

Sanji, on the other hand, negotiated with Big Mom for his comrades? freedom. During the early stage of their conversation, Big Mom seemed to be interested in the deal. However, what Sanji did not know is that the villain still threw Luffy and Nami into prison.

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Now, One Piece Chapter 848 is said to reveal Sanji?s escape plan. He is currently trapped in an arranged marriage with Pudding, Big Mom?s daughter. But in the installment, Sanji will try to get out of that trap and go back to the Straw Hats.


But, when he is about to execute his plan, Sanji would know that Luffy and Nami is in prison. As a result, he would postpone his escape plan and would create a new one that will include his comrades? escape.
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Meanwhile, there are two theories of what will Luffy do when he gets out of prison. First, he would immediately challenge Big Mom to a fight, a challenge that would be hard for the villain to decline. Should that be the case, then fans should expect the huge showdown in the 848th installment.

Another theory states that Luffy, Nami and Sanji would gather the Straw Hats first. Once the team is already together, they would proceed to Big Mom?s location and challenge everyone on the island. Although these are interesting scenarios, none of these is confirmed by the creators. Take all speculations with a grain of salt.

How about you? Do you think Big Mom will finally die in One Piece Chapter 848? Will Luffy, Sanji and Nami escape the villain?s island? Or, will they be trapped there until their friends go and rescue them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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