One Piece Chapter 836 Spoilers: Chopper Vs. Brulee, Sanji Donates Lifespan

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In One Piece chapter 836 spoilers, we expect a big battle that involves Chopper. There is also a big possibility that we will get to see more of Big Mom wielding her devil fruit powers. Many think that this would lead to Sanji giving up his lifespan during the wedding ceremony with Pudding.

The last chapter, 835, had Sanji being held captive in a prison at Germa castle. Sanji was angered by his elder brothers as they pointed out his weakness. We also saw Jinbei coming back to the group of Big Mom. This, though, was not intentional as Jinbei was threatened to do so by Big Mom while offering him something he can?t refuse. You can find a great review in the video below. Thanks to Chibi Reviews.

In One Piece chapter 835, it was revealed that Big Mom?s devil fruit is the Soul-Soul Fruit. This fruit enables Big Mom to eat souls or move them to inanimate things giving them life. This is the power that was used to make the forest of the Whole Cake Island look human-like. They were injected with the souls of citizens from Totto Land. It is predicted that this power will be used in One Piece chapter 836.

During Sanji and Pudding?s wedding, fans think and predict that the Soul-Soul Fruit will be used by Big Mom. It would likely be a part of the wedding ceremony. This, too, will lead to Sanji offering or donating his lifespan. This could symbolize Sanji?s alliance with Big Mom. Also, this will show that Sanji will be a resident of Big Mom?s kingdom.

The chapter also had Chopper turning into his monster form. He did this to fend off attacking enemies, letting Nami and the others escape. Fans believe that Chopper can go toe-to-toe with the 8th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte Brulee.

What do you think will happen to Sanji? Will he find a way to escape? Will he get rescued? Do you think Chopper can take on Charlotte Brulee? Come back to TheBitbag for a review of One Piece chapter 836 when it is out.
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