One Piece Chapter 836: Big Mom versus Brook; Big Mom Takes Brook’s Soul

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One Piece Chapter 836

Now that we know what Big Mom?s Devil Fruit is, in One Piece Chapter 836 and beyond, we can predict that Big Mom will probably take the soul of one of our main characters and transfer it to an inanimate object. The question now, who among the Straw Hats will be the unfortunate one?

Could it be Brook?

Fans say Brook will be the most likely one, and it will give Straw Hats an advantage. As we know, Brook can easily separate his soul from his body and move around with his consciousness intact. Fans speculate that even if Big Mom transfers his soul to an inanimate object, Brook would still be conscious enough to infiltrate Big Mom?s castle and help Pudding escape. Or maybe get to Sanji first, get the keys for the handcuffs, and help him escape Germa. After all no one will recognize it?s him.

Brook versus Big Mom

If in any case Big Mom is the one who?s safe keeping the keys to Sanji?s handcuffs, Brook might possibly be able to get the keys in his soul form and hopefully Big Mom doesn?t catch him. But we know Big Mom is smarter than that. Should this happen, Big Mom might have a go at Brook and the worse thing she can do is eat his soul. Could this be the end of Brook?

One Piece Chapter 836

If our predictions are true, the coming episodes will be full of suspense and excitement. Big Mom is a scary villain and her awful behavior seems to be too much for any character in One Piece universe. Add to the fact that she has the very powerful Soul – Soul Devil Fruit that can inflict serious damage, not just to one person, but an entire country they say.

Brook?s character in the coming One Piece Chapter 836 and beyond is expected to do a lot and facilitate the escape of Sanji and stop his wedding to Pudding. There is also that rumor that Brook is connected to the Vinsmokes – Sanji?s family of assassins. Fans are saying they are the ones who assassinated Brook?s previous crew, the Rumbar Pirates.

We?d like to hear your theory for the next chapters. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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