One Piece Chapter 835 Spoilers and Shocking Revelations: Jinbe to Save Pekoms; Big Mom a Giant?

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One Piece Chapter 835

One Piece Chapter 834: My Dream, was a wordy chapter but full of shocking revelations. Fans gave it a 4 out 5 rating nonetheless, the less than perfect score only being because it lacked action scenes. Let?s do a recap alongside our predictions for One Piece Chapter 835.

Sanji will be in Germa for a while.

Following the story where Sanji is held captive in his father?s castle, it looks like there is no way out yet for him unless the Straw Hats saves him. But this would definitely take time as the Straw Hats are in a pinch as well. For now Sanji, you can just scream out your frustrations to your heart?s content – or challenge your father or Reiju in a battle which will really make the story exciting.

Jinbe is back with Big Mom.

Jinbe came to Big Mom asking to be released but he got weak when Big Mom demanded something in exchange. So it seems that Jinbe is back on Mama?s crew because people of Sweet City are calling him a traitor, a wuss, ?Jinbe, Blight of the Sea?, and a ?Yellow-bellied coward.? Fans speculate that Jinbe was asked for his head, making it useless to leave if that?s the case. Could there be more to this than just a mere public humiliation? Fans are hoping that Jinbe was able to escape and is on his way to join the Straw Hats.

Pudding is a sweet – good girl.

We can now confirm that Pudding was telling the truth. Pudding met Sanji but could not meet up with Luffy and the rest because of her handlers and Baron Tamago. In One Piece chapter 835, we are expecting Brook and Pedro to facilitate her escape so that the three of them could go to the forest to meet with Luffy, Nami, Carrot and Chopper. Or they could save Sanji first and then face Big Mom.

Pekoms is not dead. Jinbe will save him.

Everyone refuses to believe that Pekoms is dead. After he was shot and what looked like him falling off the cliff, the story moved on to the next scene, leaving everyone hanging. Fans do not know exactly what to make of it but they believe that there is still a big chance that he is alive and that Jinbe will save him. Based on a previous chapter, Jinbe is able to control whale sharks – we can expect to see him control them again in order to get Pekoms to safety.

Caesar Clown is a Dead Man and Big Mom is a Giant.

This chapter revealed that Big Mom is the one funding Caesar Clown?s experiment to gigantify kids, and not the World Government. Big Mom tells him that she dreams of becoming ?family? with all the races of the world and that she wants to enjoy a meal with her family at eye level. Which could mean that Big Mom is a giant herself. Caesar has been hiding that creating this drug is unsafe and clearly impossible without killing the subject. Turns out, Caesar was just?stealing money from Big Mom all along. So it wouldn?t be a surprise if soon enough Big Mom finds out and get Caesar?s neck for it.

One Piece Chapter 835

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