One Piece Chapter 834 Spoilers: Sanji Vs Reiju

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One Piece Chapter 834
Vinsmoke Family

With the awesome events revealed in Chapter 833, Sanji?s backstory sheds more light on what is in store for the Vinsmoke Family. Here are spoilers and predictions for One Piece Chapter 834 and beyond.

Yonji?s apparent defeat in the hands of Sanji, author, Oda, may have also hinted that the former?s true form is a cyborg. In chapter 833, after what looks like a powerful blow to Yonji?s face by Sanji, we see Yonji?s face being fixed using a hammer and then a giant press machine.?Although,?being defeated in his non-human form allows us to say that Sanji is indeed a formidable fighter. One that can really surpass a Yonko in the future.

Also in chapter 833, we learn that Ichiji, Nichiji, Sanji and Yonji?are?quadruplets. Reiju is probably the youngest or the eldest which may explain why Vinsmoke Jajji favors her. Growing up, Sanji had it hard,?dealing with brothers who bullied him, a sister who looked down on him and a father who was pure evil.

Out of the five siblings, Sanji was portrayed to be the kindest. This was demonstrated when, at a very young age, Sanji cooked for ?rats? – probably a derogatory term used by Vinsmoke Jajji to call peasants or servants. This got him in trouble, and would often get scolded for doing so.?

From here on, we can also conclude that Vinsmoke Jajji is a wuss. At the end of Chapter 832 Jajji said that real men settle their issues using their fists. Though, during the fight, Jajji used his electro spear and henchmen to take Sanji?s powerful attack. Jajji will do anything in his power and even use people without hesitation to get what he wants. In this fight, Jajji?used his henchmen, piercing through them and killing them in the process just to throw off Sanji. This ruthless man is a great villain and Sanji will be up against him again in no time, with both using everything they’ve got. So consider the last chapter as a teaser for one of the biggest battle in One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 834

Sanji and Reiju

Towards the end of the chapter, Sanji is treated by Reiju for his wounds. Fans wanted Reiju to be good but Reiju ended up deceiving Sanji using the Celestial Dragon handcuffs on him. This confirms Reiju?s loyalty is with her father, Jajji. A battle between Reiju and Sanji is perhaps imminent. Fans?speculate that Reiju is Jajji’s weakness, since even as a kid, she would be often seen by her father?s side. This just might be the one weapon Sanji could use to instigate the rematch with his father and this time defeat him.

If this fight happens, author, Oda, will surely give us revelations on?Sanji?s mother. Rumors are spreading that Jajji beat up his wife and that this is the real reason why Sanji ran away.

So what will happen to Sanji now that his precious cooking hands are in danger? A threat to his hands are no reason to worry, as a fan suggests, should Sanji loses them, Franky can make him new ones, heck, even better ones!

We?d like to hear your theories for the One Piece Chapter 834 and the next ones. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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