One Piece Chapter 832 Spoilers: Big Mam Cuts Off Jimbei?s Arm?

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With no new chapter coming out this week, fans are speculating on what will happen in the upcoming One Piece 832 and according to some predictions, Jinbei?s left arm will be cut off by Big Mam.

It was previously announced that this week, there will be no new chapter for the manga series. This set off a number of speculations for the upcoming installment, the most famous of which is that Jinbei?s left arm is going to be chopped off which will prompt him to join Luffy and the Straw Hats.

In the last episode, it can be recalled that a dart fell on the arm which made Jinbei unreactive. Big Mam then ordered her servants to get an axe to chop off Jinbei?s arms. If Big Mam would really cut off Jinbei?s arms or even just one of it, chances are he would have a reason for joining the opposing party.

According to previous reports, Jinbei?s powers are too great for him to fit among the crew of Luffy, but if the character would be handicapped as predicted, that might even up things and they could team up.

Speaking of the Straw Hats, it seems that in One Piece 832, they are going to be stuck for a while in the Seducing Woods. In Chapter 831, the gang landed on the area and immediately saw an illusion of Sanji. Luffy followed the illusion and ended up trapped in the woods.

Aside from Sanji?s illusion, the captain of the Straw Hats also saw a replica of himself. He fought it and eventually defeated his doppelganger. Meanwhile, Nami and Carrot are also in the middle of something as a mysterious rabbit appeared before them. The latter then confronted the enemy and entered battle mode.

Later on, Nami and Carrot realized that Luffy and Chopper are no longer with them which caused them to panic. As the two began worrying, Brook and Pedro left the shark submarine to try to steal the Red Poneglyph Big Mam is holding. However, they came across the Pekoms who ordered them not to go any further.

One Piece 832 is definitely going to be interesting with so many things bound to be happening. Do you think Jinbei will join the Straw Hats? What do you think will happen to Luffy, Nami, Carrot and Chopper? Will Brook and Pedro engage in a fight against the Pekoms? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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