One Piece Chapter 832 Review: Meet Sanji?s Father (Part 2) and 833 predictions

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One Piece Chapter 832
One Piece – Sanji

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Later on in the chapter, the Germa (ocean-going) Kingdom was introduced as a sailing country ruled by the Vinsmokes. The majority of Germa?s citizens are male soldiers famous for their powerful army, Germa 66. Sanji?s estranged sister, Reiju, speaks of the wealth and luxury that Sanji gains if only he would accept that he is of Royal Blood and marries Pudding. Reiju even lures Sanji with 10 maids who would do anything for him and an army that would fight for him. Fans react – questioning, did Pudding really meet Sanji? Because if not, then that means Pudding lied to the Straw Hats saying that she is with Sanji in the forest or could it be that she was tricked by her sister Charlotte as well? That would surely be another twist.


Continuing on, the irritated Sanji was about to walk out when his father, Commander and King of Germa, Vinsmoke Jajji (Judge), enters the room. Making One Piece Chapter 832 as Vinsmoke Jajji’s debut appearance in the series. All high and mighty he confronts Sanji, “Do you enjoy being a huge pain in the ass?” This pertaining to Sanji’s stubbornness and unwillingness to follow his father’s orders.

One Piece Chapter 832

One Piece Chapter 832

The King also asks Sanji if he did something to Yonji, adding that Yonji is (was) a formidable fighter. To which Sanji replies ?so that means I?m more formidable.? What did really happen with Yonji??It looked like Sanji was implying that they fought and that he won against his brother.


One Piece Chapter 832 ends with a heated father and son argument, with the King inviting Sanji to settle the matter with their fists. This makes the next chapter exciting! Who will win the fight?


Our predictions for the next chapter, One Piece Chapter 833, is that, we will probably learn more about the Vinsmoke family and its members. Hopefully it will also reveal Sanji’s main reason for why he keeps running away from them?and if it had?something to do with his mother. Fans speculate?that maybe the King was abusive to Sanji’s mother, which led to why Sanji likes women and why he vows to never hit them. Lets find out!


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