One Piece Chapter 832 Review: Meet Sanji?s Father (Part 1)

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One Piece Chapter 832
One Piece – Sanji

Before reporting on events of One Piece Chapter 832, here?s a yummy recap of chapter 831:


Via the Sunny Ship, Luffy, Nami, Carrot and Chopper head out to Whole Cake Island in search of Sanji and Pudding. Upon landing, they find that the ground is made out of meringue – a sweet snack made from hardened whipped cream. Luffy tries to lead the way, saying he saw Sanji, but ends up getting distracted by the sweet smelling cakes and the forest of candy. Carrot and Chopper join in too, sniffing their way through the scents of jelly beans and sweet caramel. Good thing Nami takes charge and stops them, realizing that something weird was happening. It can be implied that Nami could be thinking: How could Sanji appear and vanish just like that? Could it be really Sanji? Why didn?t he approach his fellow crew, let alone, not dash towards me (Nami) like he always does?


They continue to walk past flowers made of candy and a green river made of melon juice. At one point, they almost get eaten by a crocodile dressed in human clothes under the doughnut bridge. Soon after, they meet a huge person buried in the ground, asking for some apple juice.


In this chapter, Luffy also meets himself (or rather a mirror image of himself), who was copying his every move. The chapter ends with Luffy engaged in a fight with his look-alike, while Nami and the rest, were being pursued by a killer rabbit in the southwestern coast of Whole Cake Island – Seducing Woods.


One Piece Chapter 832 reveals that the said killer rabbit was none other than Big Mom Pirates? Crane Rider Randolph. Just how strong is Randolph? Nami, Carrot and Chopper try to escape him – grabbing Luffy who was still fighting with his mirror-image self. Eventually, they realize that they were running in circles and that the ground was moving and talking, while also discovering that they grabbed the wrong Luffy. Fake Luffy turns evil and while holding Nami, reveals his, or rather, her true form – Charlotte Brulee, the 8th Daughter of Big Mom. Could there be a Nami and Charlotte Brulee fight? Fans are excited to know.

One Piece Chapter 832

One Piece Chapter 832

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