One Piece Chapter 820 Spoilers: Zoro To Take On Jack?

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One Piece 820 is still a chapter away from being released as 819 is yet to be out. However, there are already scenarios that can be predicted for 820 based on recent news about the upcoming installment.

In a previous report, which was based from Design & Trend, it was said that chapter 819 will feature a showdown between two sword warriors. Definitely, one of those guys is a strawhat, who is likely Zoro. But for the the other one, the fighter will not be coming from Big Mam?s crew; instead, it is going to be Jack.

?Strawhat crew was preparing to go rescue Sanji, but were then told that Jack was returning to the island,? as written in our report. Because of this, it is speculated that Zoro will have the urge to fight the character, so he will look for Jack and try to take him down.

However, Zoro?s plan would be too risky because of the fact that the character he will be challenging is very sadistic, and if the prediction for 819 is accurate, One Piece chapter 820 is going to be the continuation of the fight or confrontation of the two skilled characters.

Meanwhile, aside from the Zoro-Jack face-off, another thing that was speculated for the upcoming chapter is the fight between the Strawhats and Big Mam?s crew, as the former eagerly tries to take the poneglyph the latter possesses. But, with this two scenarios at hand, it is still unclear what will be presented first, and if ever the Strawhats-BigMam bout is featured first, then 820 is going to present the progress of the fight.

Talking about the poneglyph, it was also predicted in a our separate report the location of the last stone block. Based on Ecumenical News speculation, the article stated that the whereabouts of the last poneglyph could have been hinted about in previous chapters and it is believed to be in Mariejois. So, if ever that?s correct, too, chapters 820 and later chapters is definitely going to feature the Strawhats? efforts to gather all four stone blocks.

These are just fan-based predictions of what could likely happen in the upcoming chapter 819, and if one of those would happen, it would serve as a major spoiler for One Piece 820. So, what do you think would happen in 819 and 820? Which of those scenarios would you want to take place first? Share your thought in the comment section below.

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