One Piece Chapter 820 Early Release: The Truth About Marco & Blackbeard Pirates

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One Piece 820 has been released early this week and just like the previous chapters, it revealed a lot of information about the pirate world. Here are few of the crucial details fans should know about the latest chapter.

It can be remembered that in last week?s release, Lord Oden, the former Daimyou of Wano, was revealed to have taken aboard the ship of Gol D. Roger, and this week, another huge revelation was presented. Design & Trend reported that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were seen aboard Roger?s Oro Jackson and Whitebeard?s Moby Dick. Because of the latest information, the outlet stated that the scene generally explained why the two characters have so much intelligence about the two pirate crews.

Furthermore, it was also mentioned that the Minks were looking for an ally to fight with them side-by-side against Kaido, and that would probably be Marco the Phoenix, the character who saved Luffy?s life several times during the Paramount War, as detailed by the report.

In line with this, the Minks started to tell the Strawhats the story about Marco and the Whitebeard Pirates as they go up against the Blackbeard Pirates. The chapter then revealed that the former fell down, and the latter was then acknowledged as a Yonkou by the World Government.

Chapter 820 also revealed that the log pose will still ?lead the crew to the secrets of the Poneglyphs despite the fact that they can just find the red Poneglyphs to reach Raftel,? which would mean that Luffy and his crew must reach the end of the New World before they reach Rafter, Design & Trend further reported.

After the Minks and the Strawhats sat down to learn about the Whitebeard and Blackbeard pirates, Luffy decided to start his journey of saving his crew Sanji. Alongside him are Chopper, Nami and Brook, while the Minks, on the other hand, decided to have a ?banquet with Raizou.?

Although One Piece 820 was released earlier than scheduled, the next chapter will not be available until the week after next. It is expected to feature the clash between the other half of the Strawhats, including Zoro, and Jack.

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