One Piece Chapter 819 Spoilers: More Secrets Of One Piece Revealed?

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The previous chapter of One Piece gave fans something to talk about with loads of important details that we haven?t heard in a long time. It gave us a brief history about the Poneglyphs, the Yonko, the Void Century, and One Piece. We can see in the previous chapter that Momonosuke wasn?t finished explaining his story, so it?s safe to assume that One Piece chapter 819 will be filled with even more crucial details.

Where is Raftel?

We learned that the Straw Hats that they need to find the four poneglyphs to find the location of Raftel, the final destination of every pirate in the New World, according to Design & Trend. The Straw Hats may have already found one of the poneglyphs but it was revealed that Kaido and Big Mom each have one of the four poneglyphs, and the fact that they hold the key in finding One Piece means that the journey for Luffy and the Straw Hats are almost at an end.

The final poneglyph is in Mariejois?

There?s reason to believe that Doflamingo may have had an important role in keeping the final poneglyph. Design & Trend mentioned that Doflamingo knew something important about Mariejois that could change the world. ?It?s likely that Mariejois will be the final destination for the Straw Hats on their journey to collect the red poneglyphs. It would only make sense for the plot. Such an arc would allow them to free the slaves on Mariejois, face off with the Admirals, collect the final red poneglyph and learn more about the Gorosei,? Design & Trend shared.

Chapter 818 definitely revealed details that would make any readers excited but the upcoming chapter – 819 – should give us a better understanding of what happened to Momonosuke and the Wano Kingdom. Luffy revealed that after saving Sanji, he will continue his search for the poneglyphs and One Piece so we can assume that the Straw Hats? next priority will be saving the Wano Kingdom from Kaido.

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