One Piece Chapter 819: The Final Red Poneglyph

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One Piece 819 spoilers are now out in different OP online forums. The next chapter is confirmed to be released on March 14. As expected, discussion boards intended for One Piece are all abuzz about predictions and what will happen next, after that jampacked Episode 818. Several forums are heated up concerning the final red poneglyph. The question is ?will the next chapter reveal the 4th mysterious stone block??

The famous prediction contest hosted by Orojackson is back for One Piece 819. Exciting predictions are spoilers are posted by OP fans. One interesting prediction is from account user Corazon. The fan said that the upcoming chapter will be titled ?Mystery Island Raftel? with a cover page of ?Shirahoshi and the mermens celebrating Luffy’s new bounty. Neptune looking relieved seeing the poster.? The prediction didn?t mention about the final red poneglyph but rather, it talked about the island Raftel. It predicted that the Pirate King and Master Oden were at the island a few years back. But then, Master Oden didn?t want to reveal the location of the mystery island because he believed that ?the new generation are the ones that will change this, not them!?

There is also another fascinating theory about One Piece 819 from AMR Haggag. He said that the last piece of the red poneglyph is with the Vinsmoke family. But account user Le-Sanna thinks it is with Marco – ?could be a good choice to have the 4th poneglyph, the 4th is deep in the sea or in some other place that no one could reach and couldn’t be read in the normal way.?

Design N Trend recalls the importance of the 4 Poneglyphs. These mysterious stone blocks will reveal how to get to the ?final destination in the New World.? So far, three red poneglyphs are in play, with one each with the Strawhats, Big Man and Kaido. It is somehow implied that the Strawhats need to steal those two mysterious blocks from Big Mam and Kaido.

How about you? What is your theory of this upcoming installment? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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