One Piece Chapter 818 Spoilers: Relevance Of Lord Poneglyphs Revealed

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One Piece Chapter 818 spoilers reveal a meaty chunk of what?s to come in the manga. The spoiler is taken from a leaked transcript of the upcoming chapter.

The said leak is from the Mangaspoilers. It was revealed that the title of One Piece Chapter 818 is ?Inside Whale.? It also notes the cover story of the upcoming chapter which is ?Baltigo, Sabo, Koala and Dragon are watching bounty poster(s).?

According to the transcript, the red Poneglyph (also called Lord Poneglyphs) regards the Whale Forest as a sacred place. It was also revealed that there are actually four Lord Poneglyphs, which will ultimately lead the people to the island of Raftel. Each Poneglyph has a designated sort of spot or coordinates that when put together will reveal the exact location of Raftel.

Unfortunately, there are only three Poneglyphs in the custody of Kaidou and Big Mom. No one knows where the last Lord Poneglyph is. Nekomamushi came up with the idea that it is no longer necessary to steal the Lord Poneglyphs from Yonkou because they can sneakily get copies.

Design & Trend says that One Piece Chapter 818 will also see Raizou, Kinemon and Kanjuro being sorry for the trouble they brought to the Mink Tribe. Another thing that is expected to happen in the next chapter is Master Nekomamushi will invite Luffy inside the whale forest since the decoding of the Poneglyphs has been completed by Robin.

Along with the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 818 are also predictions by fans about the chapter. According to the report, Zoro will be the one to challenge Jack, and he will reveal his true power as he would be able to defeat the Captain of the Mammoth.

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