One Piece Chapter 817 Spoilers: Straw Hats Vs Jerma 66 Confirmed? Special Appearance Of This Character Hinted

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?One Piece? brings us another chapter of thrill and excitement as Luffy and the Straw Hats gets ready for another incredible fight. The next chapter has yet to reveal on who Luffy will face next but it looks like One Piece chapter 817 spoilers are pointing to a fight between the Straw Hats and Jerma 66.

The previous chapter gave us a good ending that showed Raizou being protected by the Minks and that he was on their island, according to Design & Trend. And based on the progress of chapter 816, we?re likely looking at the Straw Hats meeting with Big Mom and Jerma 66.

Luffy made it clear that when he saved Fishman Island, he was going to take on Big Mom together with his crew. Now that the Straw Hat captain has taken it to himself to stop the wedding of Sanji, there?s definitely going to be an exciting fight between Luffy and Big Mom.

Aside from Big Mom encountering the Straw Hats, Jerma 66 might also be introduced in the next chapter. It may be a while before Luffy and his crew get to meet the members of the Vinsmoke family, but when they do meet, there might also be another exciting battle waiting for us in the upcoming chapters.

Sanji?s father, being the leader of Jerma 66 and having close ties with Big Mom, might make a surprise appearance. If we already know how strong Sanji is, then his father should be far stronger than him. Youth Health Magazine even shared that our favorite pirate crew might be facing an enemy based on Adolf Hitler.

We can only assume that Sanji?s father won?t be taking the ruined tea party too lightly, so Jerma 66 is an enemy to watch out for in the upcoming chapters. Luffy won?t be taking Sanji?s father lightly since he?s trying to steal him away from the Straw Hats but we?ll soon find out if Sanji?s father is as terrifying as we imagined.

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