?One Piece? Chapter 815 Spoilers: Chapter Reveals Sanji?s Connection To Vinsmoke Family

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Revelations and unexpected twists circle around chapter 815 of ?One Piece? as we discover updates about Sanji and his connection with the Vinsmoke family. The next chapter will definitely give us better details about the unknown family of Sanji and how much powerful connections they have with the World Government.

The previous chapter left off with an exciting cliffhanger as we discover that the Vinsmokes is actually a family of assassins and that the influence they have with the World Government should not be taken lightly. A lot of rumors have surrounded the Vinsmoke family and their connections with important people, but one rumor worth noting is that they could be connected to the Cipher Pol of the World Government.

According to a user from Manga Helpers, Sanji?s wanted poster changing to ?being alive? could make sense if the Vinsmokes is in one of the World Government organizations. ?The Vinsmocks being assassins leaves a lot of possibilities open by which they could influence the wanted poster. Blackmail could be one of them,? a user named desin24 shared.

Another user then explained that the Vinsmoke family has old connections with the government, and they had an agreement with them. ?At this point the best guess could be that the connection between the [World Government] and Vinsmoke family is the Cipher Pol organization. I could very well see a situation where generations and generations ago, the Vinsmoke family made an agreement with the [World Government,]? user zerocooldx explained. ?In exchange for certain freedoms and privileges, the Vinsmoke family shared some of it?s own members and/or arts and secrets with the [World Government] such as infiltration and insurgency techniques.?

Whatever the history the Vinsmokes may have with the World Government, the only thing everyone should want to find out is the reason why the Vinsmoke family surfaced and why they wanted to contact Sanji again after a very long time.

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