One Piece Chapter 809 Spoilers: Sanji?s Whereabouts To Be Revealed? New Weapon To Watch Out For And More!

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Chapter 809 of ?One Piece? is almost out, so here are spoiler tidbits and predictions for you to think about while you?re waiting for the next chapter.

Where is Sanji?

Rumors about Straw Hat pirate Sanji and his whereabouts are spreading like wildfire. Fans have been asking why Sanji left the Straw Hats and one rumored explanation is that he wanted to leave because he had to deliver Donquixote Pirates scientist Ceasar Clown to the Marines. So if this rumor is true, then we can expect that Sanji was captured.

Another rumored reason about his disappearance is Sanji could have moved Ceasar somewhere else in order to hide him. This would mean that Sanji wanted to protect Ceasar after the poison gas weapon that the Beast Pirates used to defeat the Mink Men.

Sanji?s missing whereabouts could also mean a good transition in the next arc where the Straw Hats try and rescue Sanji from the World Government and the Marines. But his knowledge about Ceasar?s location and the ?Wanted: Alive? posted gives us a hint that he surely won?t be killed anytime soon.

Ceasar?s weapon

Chapter 808 revealed that the Beast Pirates used Ceasar?s poison gas weapon to defeat the Mink Men, even though they were electricity-producing beast warriors. It was reported that the poison gas weapon was allegedly a type of hallucinogenic that forced the Mink Men to fight each other.

We can also indicate that the crew of Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought didn?t have claws to create the marks that were seen in the previous chapters, so it is likely possible that the Mink Men tried to hurt each other.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter of ?One Piece?? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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