One Piece Chapter 809 Spoilers: Sanji Confirmed To Appear? Characters? Past To Be Revealed?

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Spoilers for the next chapter of One Piece have finally come out and it may include answers to the questions that most of the fans are looking for. Chapter 809 of One Piece has revealed possible answers regarding the true power of Inuarashi, his relationship with Nekomamushi, and finally, the alleged whereabouts of Sanji. Here are some spoilers to keep you excited for the next One Piece chapter:

Sanji?s appearance

It?s been a while since we saw Straw Hat Pirates Cook Sanji together with the crew. And for those who really want to find out what happened to him, it appears that you have to wait a little longer because spoilers might have revealed that Eiichiro Oda will not be showing Sanji in chapter 809.

Although there?s no real reason to believe that Sanji won?t appear in the next chapter, it is likely possible that we may get a bit of teaser of him before they dedicate an entire chapter to Sanji and his departure. Some rumors about Sanji?s whereabouts is that he wanted to leave because he had to deliver Donquixote Pirates scientist Ceasar Clown to the Marines. So if this rumor is true, then we can expect that Sanji was captured.

Another rumored reason about his disappearance is Sanji could have moved Ceasar somewhere else in order to hide him. This would mean that Sanji wanted to protect Ceasar after the poison gas weapon that the Beast Pirates used to defeat the Mink Men. For more information about Sanji’s rumored whereabouts, check out this link.

Inuarushi and Nekomamushi?s past

A long time ago, Inuarashi, the King of Day, and Nekomamushi, the King of Night, were once close friends. But because of unknown reasons, they came to hate each other so much that they decided to split their power over Zou. Their deal would be that Inuarashi would rule in the morning while Nekomamushi the night.

For chapter 809 of One Piece, spoilers reveal the strength of Inuarashi when he immediately stops the trunk attack of Best Pirates Captain Jack with his bare hand. Although Inuarashi stopped the attack, Jack’s powers shouldn?t be taken lightly.

It was also divulged in the spoiler that the fight between Inuarashi and Jack came to a finish when the other ruler, Nekomamushi, appeared and caused Inuarashi to stop the battle and retreat. The King of Night?s power is rumored to be as strong as Inuarashi, saying that he grabbed the trunk of Jack and threw him like he was a piece of cloth.

No details were given in the spoilers about the fight between Nekomamushi and Jack, but with the next chapter just around the corner, it?s only a matter of time before we find out.

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