‘One Piece’ Chapter 808 Rumors Already Hinted As Chapter 807 Release Surfaces: What We Know So Far

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?One Piece? chapter 808 rumors have come out just after the release of the previous 807. So with the next story underway, here are some of the rumors and news we?ve collected to keep you updated while waiting.

Sanji leaves the Straw Hats

We previously learned that the Straw Hats Cook Sanji left his crew but the reasons are still unknown as to why he suddenly abandoned them. There are a lot of possible reasons about Sanji leaving but recent rumors have surfaced that it is possible that Sanji left Luffy and his crew to protect the Mink girl who had similar characteristics of a fox. Another rumor indicated that it had something to do with his ?Wanted? bounty poster.

Minks alliance

According to rumors, it is suspected that there could be an alliance between the royal families of the Wano Kingdom and the Zou Island nation, so this would mean more trouble for the Straw Hats. We should also probably discover an alliance between the Straw Hats and the Minks.

In the start of their meeting with the Heart Pirates, it looked like that there was no possible way that they could team up with the Straw Hats in saving Sanji. But if it concerns Kaido, we might see a little more of the Heart Pirates.

Jack and his whereabouts

It is still unclear whether or not Jack?s location is going to be revealed in the next chapter. But we already know that Jack has already wreaked havoc on Zou which means that the Straw Hats are likely to fight him there. This will surely be another exciting fight for Luffy and his crew.

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