One Piece Chapter 807 Rumors And Spoilers: Is Sanji Dead? More Details Of Kaido?s Appearance Revealed

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Looks like the New World?s storyline may very well be on its way to another big adventure for Luffy and the Straw hats. Judging from the way the story is progressing, manga writer Eiichiro Oda might have set up the story of the New World in an almost identical way much like the chapters from the Grand Line. And with chapter 807 almost arriving, we?ve got some pretty heavy predictions for you to ponder on.

Sanji is dead?

A lot of fans expected that the last chapter would reveal the Straw Hat crew all present and together but it came as a surprise when chapter 806 looked like Sanji was dead. Of course it?s impossible to agree on that because ?Black Leg? Sanji is a vital part of the crew and has a big influence in the direction of One Piece, so we shouldn?t dwell too much on Sanji?s health.

And to assure you that Saji is going to be alive and well, Eiichiro Oda said that he would not kill the Straw Hats? cook as he is ?one of the main characters of the story,? according to Manga Helpers. Besides the fact the Oda assured us, we should note that a grand scale war is set to happen in the future chapters and Luffy needs his friends to help him in his journey.

Kaido?s appearance

When we finally saw Kaido, he gave us an interesting event to watch out for. We saw him talk about the ensuing great war that?s about to come not just in the New World, but the entire world of One Piece. It may be even bigger than the ?War of the Best? at Marineford, so it?s just a matter of waiting for future chapters. Chapter 807 of One Piece will surely be another exciting story for the adventures of Luffy and his friends.

What do you think will happen in the next arc? Will there be a new war? Sound off in the comments section below.

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