One Piece Chapter 806 Juicy Details: Captain Jack Location Still Unknown, New Chapter Is Highly Emotional, Here?s Why

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The latest chapter of One Piece has just come out and we?ve got some juicy details to serve you. Chapter 806 has arrived it?s great to see a refreshed Luffy and an enigmatic crew on the cover, ready to conquer the seas. We take a look at the chapter and peek at an interesting Sabo and a celebration of Luffy?s increasing infamy. Here is a recap of some of the details of chapter 806:

Elephant?s trunk

It looks like the clod of water that ?Zunisha? the elephant sprays out of its trunk is used to ?wash or cool its back essentially to essentially help the ecosystem on the island to flourish,? according to The Chewns. The ones living on the island take the water and filter it for drinking while the volume of water ?allows for a steady supply of fish for locals to feed on.?

Captain Jack

We previously learned that Captain Jack was the culprit who eradicated the country of Zou. We had also seen him rescuing Doflamingo from the clutches of the marines.?But for the latest chapter, there is still no information about the whereabouts of Jack but they did show a type of torture device when Wanda breaks into tears, maybe remembering a ?deceased former loved one being tortured by Jack.?

At the Fort on the Right Belly

Fellow pirate Law uses his devil-fruit ability to transport the Strawhats to Luffy?s location and the crew reaches their journey ?at the fort on the right belly.? Wanda informs the guards that the Strawhats have arrived but she tells them not to alert everybody and not to ring the ?Welcome Bell,? which looks like the golden belfry on their journey to Skypeia.

As for the whole of chapter 806, it?s a very excellent read and pacing with a show of different emotions with just enough facts to make us look forward for the next chapter. What do you think about chapter 806? Sound off in the comment section below.

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