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One Piece Burning Blood New Trailer: Action Takes To The Streets of Tokyo

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One Piece: Burning Blood is going to be released on three different dates around the globe, and fans are definitely going crazy about it. To further hype the upcoming release of the video game, here is its newest trailer.

The latest clip of the video game featured the street of Shibuya, Tokyo. At the start of the video, people are shown walking on the pedestrian lane as part of their daily routine when they are surprised by an explosion at the top of one of the buildings.

The blast was followed by the appearance of Enel and Crocodile who caused chaos, frightening people as they run for their lives. Shortly after that, Strawhat Captain Luffy came running to stop the two villains. The three would then engaged in a two against one showdown. The action ended in a clash between the three which would leave the battle hanging with no clear indication as to who won the fight.

Prior to the release of the newest teaser, there were already two gameplay trailers released featuring the main characters of the series fighting against each other. In a report from Jobs & Hire, it was Luffy, Ace and Sabo who were featured in the One Piece: Burning Blood gameplay trailer (OPBB) as they go up against Chopper, Sanji and Crocodile.

Meanwhile, the second gameplay trailer of OPBB included Zoro, Sanji and Nami versus Franky, Chopper and Ace. Now, because of the unlikely lineups featured in the clips, Vine Report has reported that these footages showcased scenarios that may never happen in the original storyline of the series.

In addition, the fourth gear of Luffy, which is also known as Bound Man, was also presented in the trailer. This stage of the Strawhat captain will enable his body to use Haki to increase his power levels. Knowing those facts about the game, fans are definitely dying to get their hands on it.

As mentioned earlier, One Piece: Burning Blood will have three different release dates around the globe. It will be available in Japan on April 21, while in the North America, it will be out on May 31. Lastly, Europe will release the game on June 3.

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