One Piece 860 Spoilers: Luffy And Capone To Execute The Assassination Plan

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One Piece 860 Spoilers
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One Piece 860 could be the chapter every fan has been waiting for. Recent reports are claiming that the installment will finally present the execution of the assassination plan for Big Mom. Although that does sound like an interesting chapter, rumor has it that something would go wrong which will lead to the failure of the plan.

Fans can recall that Luffy, the rest of the Straw Hat members, and Capone Bege have already finalized their assassination plan in the previous chapter. However, a discussion on Reddit is claiming that it would not be perfected because of Brulee’s loyalty to her mother. Should that be the case, then an all-out-war might break out in the next installment.

According to Celebeat, Brulee might end up telling her mom about the assassination plan in chapter 860. If she would reach Charlotte Linlin before Luffy and the team executes the mission, that would totally spoil it as guards will be prepared during the wedding of Pudding and Sanji. Plus, if Big Mom would be informed about everything, that would definitely make her mad and might even decide to initiate the war.

One Piece 860 Spoilers

On a good note, the chance of the plan being executed perfectly is still open. If Luffy and Capone would be able to do it, that would mark the end of the Charlottes. Their minions, on the other hand, would become Capone’s followers similar to those who had their leaders killed by the mafia captain.

‘One Piece’ 860 – The Assassination Plan

As revealed by the previous chapter, the plan is pretty simple. Capone would use the KX launcher to kill Big Mom. For those who have no idea about the weapon, it is something that Caesar Clown designed just to beat Charlotte Linlin. The launcher would inject five grams of organophosphate to the victim that would quickly end his/her life, as reported by TravelersToday.

However, although the KX launcher is indeed a great weapon, there is one problem in using it. According to Capone, he will be needing a five-second window in order to hit Big Mom with the launcher. Question is, what would Luffy and the Straw Hats do to create a window for the mafia captain? The answer to this question is expected to be revealed in the next chapter of the manga series.

How about you? Do you think Luffy and Capone will be successful in executing the assassination plan? Or will Brulee ruin the plan by telling her mom about it all? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. One Piece 860 will air sometime this week.

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