One Piece 853 Predictions: Vinsmokes, Straw Hats, And Jinbei Teaming Up Against Big Mom

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One Piece 853 is bound to be interesting following huge events taking place in the previous chapters. Sanji’s depression will lead him to doing something that no one would have ever imagined. Also, it seems like Luffy and Nami will finally get out of prison through the help of a former Big Mom’s ally.

In chapter 851, Pudding showed her true colors. While talking to Reiju, she finally unveils her real plan on the wedding day. Pudding mentions that instead of getting married to Sanji, she will massacre the Vinsmokes. This information came as a surprise to everyone as they thought that Pudding was a real darling.

Sanji, on the other hand, heard everything and got really depressed. As a result, it led to a personal speculation that in the 852nd installment, the Straw Hats cook will tell his family about Pudding’s plan. They will then come up with a counter plan to kill the Yonkos first before the latter slaughters them.

One Piece 853 Predictions

In the upcoming One Piece 853, fans should expect Sanji to re-unite with the rest of the Straw Hats. This move will give him and the Vinsmokes more power in going up against the Yonkos. However, before they do that, one thing should be addressed first, Luffy and Nami in prison.

It can be recalled that Luffy and Nami were caught by Big Mom in the previous chapter. In a previous speculation, it was mentioned that Jinbei could actually help them get out. Should that be the case, then Jinbei might also team up with them in fighting Big Mom’s crew in chapter 853.

So, once the Straw Hats are finally re-united including Sanji and the Vinsmokes, it would be the perfect time to start the great war between two great groups of pirates. Although Sanji previously mentioned that he does not want to be re-united with the Straw Hats, he now has no other option but to team up again with them.

Everyone knows that what Sanji said is fake. But, he did really fell in love with Pudding. However, as he finally got to know Pudding’s real intentions, he should really get back to his real squad. Now, keep in mind that these are just fan-based theories. So, take all information with a grain of salt.

How about you? Do you think the Vinsmokes will counter Pudding’s plan of killing them all? Do you think Jinbei will really save Luffy and Nami? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Chapter 852 is expected to come out on January 14 while One Piece 853 will come a week after that on January 21.

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