One Piece 852 Spoilers: Returning Character Could Possibly Save Luffy And Nami

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A few hours before One Piece 852 hits the internet, several spoilers have circulated online claiming Luffy and Nami will finally escape from captivity. These rumors have led to an interesting question, who will be the one to help the two Straw Hats?

It can be recalled that Luffy and Nami were caught by Big Mom and being kept in a prison cell. Since then, there have been a lot of revelations that took place in the series. For starters, the true identity of Pudding is now unveiled as well as her plans towards Sanji.

The previous installment revealed that Pudding has really no intention of marrying Sanji. Instead, she is planning to kill him and the Vinsmokes during the wedding ritual. Sanji accidentally heard everything as he tries to sneak into Pudding?s room. As a result, there are speculations that Sanji will be the one to free Luffy and Nami to plan a counterattack against Pudding?s plan.

However, it’s also speculated that?a returning character is the one who will save Luffy and Nami in the One Piece 852. The portal mentioned that Jinbei is the one to free the two from Opera, one of Big Mom?s children. Jinbei is a former ally of Big Mom. But attacking Opera certainly suggests that he is no longer on the Yonko?s side.

Jinbei?s return on the battlefield is also interpreted as an indication of him joining the Straw Hats. Should that be the case, then fans should anticipate a lot of turn of events in the upcoming chapter.

Meanwhile, another theory states that Sanji is going to be torn in the next episode. It is a known fact that he does not have the best relationship with his family. As Pudding plans to massacre his clan, Sanji would have to choose between leaving them to die or helping them defeat the Yonkos. But as fans all know, Sanji is not the kind of man who will leave someone to die.

So, it is safe to assume that he would inform the Vinsmokes about Pudding?s plan. They will then create their own strategy and try to kill the Yonkos. Should that be the case, then Sanji?s family and the Straw Hats could be working together in the upcoming chapters just to take Big Mom down.

Keep in mind that all these theories are fan-made. None of these are confirmed by the creator so take it with a grain of salt. How about you? What do you think will happen next in One Piece 852?

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