One Piece 851 Spoilers, Release Date and Chapter 850 Recap: Pudding?s True Identity; The Massacre of the Vinsmokes

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One Piece 851 Spoilers

Charlotte. A war between the Vinsmokes and Big Mom may happen depending on Sanji. Will he protect his family? Or will he now go and look for Luffy and his friends to escape? Here is a chapter 850 recap and spoilers for One Piece 851.

Chapter 850 Recap

Back in the Mirror World, Chopper and Carrot try to find Whole Cake Chateau on their own but is taking too long. With Brulee tied up, they thought of waking her up so she could point to them where they need to go. Some say that in One Piece 851, the group will find Luffy and Nami first and save them.

In the Prison Library, Luffy reveals what Pudding whispered to him – that she would stop the wedding by shooting Sanji. Pudding also adds that the two Straw Hats would not make it out alive. This made Luffy go berserk, trying to free himself from his chains by attempting to break his arms.

Meanwhile, Baron Tamago and Pedro continue their fight. A flashback of their last encounter, together with Big Mom, was shown. This reopened Pedro?s wounds, recalling the death of his Nox Pirate crewmate, Zepo. With all the hatred and pain, Pedro is able to defeat Tamago and slice him in half.

Pudding?s True Identity

Sanji was on his way to surprise his fiance, however, his giddy spirit was shattered upon seeing Pudding with Reiju. He eavesdrops on them and learns about Pudding and Big Mom?s big plan. The Charlottes plan to massacre the entire Vinsmoke family to acquire their clone army.

One Piece 851 Spoilers

One Piece 851 Spoilers

It looks like Sanji will once again be torn by this new revelation. As much as this can be an opportunity to end his ties with his family, his kind nature will prevent him from ignoring the trouble they are about to face. Especially saving Reiju.

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A chaotic wedding day will surely be expected on One Piece 851! Catch more updates and spoilers only here on The BitBag.

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