One Piece 850 Spoilers, Chapter 849 Recap: Big Mom vs Brook; What Happened to Reiju

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One Piece 850 Spoilers

So many revelations and a shocking cliffhanger on chapter 849. What will happen in the next chapter? Here is a recap and some One Piece 850 spoilers.

Chapter 849 Recap: Hostage

In chapter 849, while Reiju and Sanji were nowhere in sight, a discussion on where Sanji and Pudding will live after the wedding was brought up. Judge says they?ll stay in Germa to keep Pudding as a ?hostage? to assure that Big Mom would not harass them in the future. Sanji?s brothers expressed their indifference with Sanji and it looks like they are planning to torment him even more.

Meanwhile, in Brulee?s Mirror World, Chopper reveals that the real Carrot is actually safe. The one being cooked is a frog that was made to look like Carrot using Brulee?s magic. As Randolph was about to cut the ropes, Carrot attacks him and topples the hot pot on Brulee and her men.

To further immobilize the enemies, Carrot uses Electrical Luna on them. Meanwhile, Chopper, who is in monster form, deals with the Noble Croc. Diesel tries to run away but Carrot catches him and bites him. The two defeat Brulee?s group and prepares to travel to the Mirror World to look for everyone.

Sanji was briefly shown worried about his friends and Pudding who never showed up during lunch.

One Piece 850 Spoilers: Big Mom vs Brook

Brook defeats all the men inside the treasure room, however, to everyone?s surprise, Big Mom appears. Some say that in One Piece 850, the two will engage in a fight and Brook will end up either captured or dead. Though some say, Brook can actually put up a fight against the Yonko as Big Mom?s Devil Fruit won?t have an effect on Brook.

Pedro vs Baron Tamago

Another big revelation in chapter 849 was the current condition of Pedro. Apparently, Baron Tamago knows that five years ago, Big Mom had taken 50 years off from Pedro?s lifespan. The Mink is not shaken and readies to attack the Baron. Expect the epic battle between the two to also be shown in One Piece 850.

What happened to Reiju?

At the end of the chapter, Reiju is seen clinging to life, beaten up and bleeding. It looks like she is trying to go out from the lower level of the castle. Some say that Reiju is inside Bege?s castle body and she was abducted. If this is so, could it be that the Capones are going against Big Mom? Or could it be that Pudding?s secret is killing one of the Vinsmokes to stop the wedding?

One Piece 850 Spoilers

Let?s find out on One Piece 850.

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