One Piece 850 Spoilers and Release Date: Pudding?s Plan; Who Attacked Reiju

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One Piece 850 Spoilers

Chapter 849 has just hinted another plot twist and it looks like Pudding is up to something. Could it be that she is planning on sabotaging the wedding? Here is a chapter 849 recap and spoilers for One Piece 850.

Chapter 849 Recap

Vinsmoke Judge tells his other children that he plans to keep Sanji and Pudding in Germa to make sure that Big Mom would not harass them in the future. Sanji?s brothers are looking forward to tormenting their little brother even more.

Meanwhile, Brulee and her homies are trying to cook Carrot. Little do they know that the real Carrot is actually safe and the one being cooked is a frog that?s under Brulee?s spell. As Randolph was about to cut the ropes, the real Carrot attacks him and topples the hot pot on Brulee and her men.

To further immobilize the enemies, Carrot uses Electrical Luna on them. Meanwhile, Chopper, who is in monster form, deals with the Noble Croc. Diesel tries to run away but Carrot catches him and bites him. The two defeat Brulee?s group and prepares to travel to the Mirror World to look for everyone.

Sanji was briefly shown worried about his friends and Pudding who never showed up during lunch.

One Piece 850 Spoilers

Rumor has it that Pudding is ready to ruin the wedding and either escape Big Mom or kill herself. Just like Lola, she does not want to get married like this. It could be that she is behind Reiju?s abduction.

As seen towards the end of chapter 849, Reiju looks beaten up and struggling to escape from an attacker. Some say she is inside Bege Capone?s castle body. It could that the Capones are going against Big Mom as well.

One Piece 850 Spoilers

Pedro Versus Tamago

Another big revelation in chapter 849 was the current condition of Pedro. Apparently, Baron Tamago knows that five years ago, Big Mom had taken 50 years off from Pedro?s lifespan. The Mink is not shaken and readies to attack the Baron. Expect the epic battle between the two to also be shown in One Piece 850.

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One Piece 850 is scheduled to be released this week. Keep it here on The BitBag for more updates and spoilers.

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