One Piece 849 Spoilers: Pudding Said To Commit Suicide

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One Piece 849

Big Mom?s men are all over the castle, will the Straw Hats ever escape her? More so, will they be able to save Sanji? Looks like Pudding has some major revelation in One Piece 849. Here is a recap of chapter 848 and spoilers for the next chapter.


While Big Mom is in high spirits because of the wedding celebration that?s about to happen, including the cake she?s excited to eat and the Tamatebako, she is suddenly greeted by bad news. Intruders have entered her Treasure Room.

Pedro is able to wipe out all the guards outside and Brook is able to get inside the Treasure Room. However, Charlotte Smoothie realizes that Pedro is a decoy and so now she focuses on Brook. She guards the only door out of the Treasure Room.

Inside, Brook defeats all Chess Soldiers using his Screaming Soul. In One Piece 849, expect a massive battle between Brook and Big Mom?s commander, Smoothie. Some say this will be another long and difficult fight, just like when Luffy fought Cracker.

Pudding?s Secret

While this is all happening, Sanji is seen in his room worrying about his friends and still holding on to Big Mom?s promise. He then becomes giddy at the thought of Pudding. Sanji admits that he is a cook in love.

Also in chapter 848, Pudding recalls memories when Lola ran away. In a flashback, Lola tells Pudding not to worry because Big Mom would never kill her. She also vows to Pudding that she will be the one to decide on her marriage.

One Piece 848 Spoilers

Later on, Pudding visits Luffy and Nami. She apologizes for everything that has happened to them. Pudding then reveals that Sanji proposed to her and that made her happy. But because she knows that Sanji was just being kind, she promises Luffy that she would not marry Sanji. The chapter ends with Pudding whispering a secret to the prisoners which left them bewildered. She leaves the prison crying saying goodbye.

Rumor has it that Pudding plans to kill herself so that she would not have to marry Sanji. This might be true as she probably thinks Lola is dead. Though others say she would follow Lola?s footsteps and just run away too. Let?s find out in One Piece 849!

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