One Piece 848 Spoilers: Theories on Lola?s Husband; Big Mom is a Midget Giant?

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One Piece 848 Spoilers

Most of the revelation in chapter 847 is about Big Mom?s plan and how Lola ruined it the first time. Suspiciously, we also discover that she has issues with giants – although we can?t pinpoint yet if she wanted to be a giant herself or wanted to have giants in her family. Here are predictions and One Piece 848 spoilers.

A ?Giant? Secret?

In chapter 847, back on Whole Cake Island, Big Mom shows off her library to Vinsmoke Judge and his children. She has books with live creatures pinned on it, which somewhat disgusted Yonji and his siblings (minus Sanji who was not present).

Judge then changed the conversation to giants. He points out that while Big Mom?s country is so diverse, he feels he has yet to see a single giant. Big Mom appears irritated but then snubs Judge?s comment by saying that he ?must?ve missed them?.

Some say that Big Mom is insecure because she is a midget giant. To somehow redeem her abnormality, she pushes the gigantification experiment of her children. Being that she looked affected by Judge?s remark about not seeing giants in her country, she must be feeling pressured regarding this ?giant? issue.

According to One Piece 848 spoilers, perhaps the secret Big Mom is keeping will be unlocked by the Vinsmokes.

Lola’s Husband

One Piece 848 Spoilers

As Luffy begs Big Mom to let him out, Big Mom reminds him about their promise back on Fisherman Island. Still, Luffy is intent on fighting her even though Big Mom says she?ll let them go if the wedding goes smoothly.

Big Mom also reveals that on the wedding day, she will open the Legendary Treasure Box of Fisherman Island, Tamatebako, which she got from Luffy. During their conversation, we also learn that Big Mom despises Lola for running away from her planned political marriage. She adds that if it weren?t for Lola, she would have been able to defeat Kaido, Red-Hair, and White Beard. More importantly she could have been the Pirate King by now.

Rumor has it that Big Mom had her eye on someone in Elbaf to be Lola?s husband. If Lola were to marry a giant from Elbaf, Big Mom would probably have an army of giants by now. But because Lola ran away, fans speculate that the giants perhaps cut ties with Big Mom.

According to One Piece 848 spoilers, expect to see a battle between Pedro and Smoothie.

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