One Piece 847 Spoilers: Luffy Gets Captured; Pedro?s Life in Danger?

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One Piece 847 Spoilers

Can Sanji trust Big Mom to let his friends escape Whole Cake Island? Here is a chapter 846 recap and One Piece 847 spoilers.

Luffy Versus Big Mom?s Army

Luffy continues to fight Big Mom?s army, thanks to Nami, who was able to take down the majority of the pawns with her Lightning Bolt. Only Big Mom?s children remain and they are immensely powerful. All of them ganged up on Luffy and beat him up brutally. They soon discover Nami?s Vivre Card and accused her of stealing it. However, Nami defended herself and told them it was given to her by Lola.

Big Mom?s Army of Rage tries to take Luffy and Nami back to Big Mom as her order was to capture them alive. Luffy refuses and gets whacked once again.

In One Piece 847, an unconscious Luffy will be brought to Big Mom. Some say a fight against her is about to happen very soon.

Sanji and Big Mom

Meanwhile, Sanji pleads with Big Mom to spare the lives of his friends. Big Mom is very accommodating and promises to do so as long as he goes through the wedding without any frills. In gratitude, Sanji vows to make Pudding the happiest girl alive.

Rumor has it that Sanji?s friends will come to his rescue and insist that either he escapes with them or they would have to fight Big Mom and the Vinsmokes.

Road Poneglyphs

Brook and Pedro eavesdrop on a meeting about the Poneglyphs inside the room of offerings. Tomago and the Sweet Commander decide to tighten the security after learning about Pedro?s presence. Tomago adds that they must put their lives at risk for Mama?s sake and protect the red stones.

They say that this Road Poneglyphs is the path to becoming the Pirate King. Brook and Pedro decide to fight head on and help Luffy become the Pirate King. The chapter ends with both of them coming up with an idea of making Pedro the bait.One Piece 847 Spoilers

We will soon discover in One Piece 847 that grabbing the opportunity to become Pirate King would mean certain death.

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