One Piece 841 Spoilers: Sanji Powers Up; Luffy to Activate Gear 5th?

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One Piece 841 Spoilers

From this point on, we have two immediate questions that need to be answered in One Piece 841. First, how will Sanji escape his family, the Vinsmokes? And second, will Luffy beat Cracker?

Sanji and His Family

Yonji reveals that Germa Soldiers are created inside a vaulted lab. Their father, Jajji (Judge) was once a brilliant scientist, working with Vegapunk in developing hi-tech weaponry. Both of them discovered the blueprints to life itself. What Sanji sees now is the fruit of their labor. This shocks him and perhaps the flashbacks of his childhood indicate that Sanji recalls what really happened when he and his siblings were kids.

Jajji told them that they were the result of the most advanced, progressive, scientific breakthrough and genetic engineering. Each Vinsmoke kid has enhanced skills and abilities that surpass those of humans. Their father?s ultimate goal was that in the future, each of them will lead an army. The five children go through excruciating training, which Sanji fails each time. It was reported that he is ?simply a normal, regular human being.? This upsets Jajji and he eventually declares Sanji as dead for not being able to live up to his expectations.

In One Piece 841, once Sanji learns the whole truth, it will trigger an awakening that will help Sanji fight against his siblings.

Luffy and Cracker

Luffy was challenged when he engaged Cracker, one of Big Mom?s sweet commanders, to a fight in chapter 837. He got beat up pretty bad and it was only when he activated his Gear 4th, Kong Gun was he able to hurt Cracker. Just as when we thought the battle between Luffy and Cracker was?over, Cracker shows his true form in chapter 838. All along, Luffy was attacking an armor!

Luffy needs a power up in order to beat Cracker. Could it be that he will finally activate his awakening? Luffy should get a Gear 5th or an awakening because in his current level, struggling with just a commander, what more if he is up against Big Mom who is the boss and a Yonko?

One Piece 841 Spoilers

Another?theory for One Piece 841 is that, for the time being, Luffy will escape from Cracker since the Straw Hats’ top priority is to?save Sanji.

The Mirror World should be the perfect way to infiltrate Big Mom?s castle while Sanji is there for the engagement party.

We?d love to hear your theories for One Piece 841. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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