One Piece 841 Spoilers and Chapter 840 Recap: Sanji Is Not Human?

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One Piece 841 Spoilers

Chapter 840 has many shocking reveals, both sickening and devastating for our hero, Sanji. The Vinsmokes (excluding Sanji) are truly a vile family of villains. Here is a chapter 840 recap coupled with One Piece 841 spoilers.

Clone Pawns

Yonji reveals that inside a vaulted lab, Germa Soldiers are created. Their Jajji (Judge) was once a brilliant scientist, working alongside Vegapunk in developing hi-tech weaponry. Both of them discovered the blueprints to life itself. Vegapunk was arrested by the World Government while Jajji escapes and continues the research in Germa. Yonji points out that the result of the project is the successful cloning of highly capable soldiers.

Clone Children

Due to Yonji?s revelation and several other clues within chapter 840, it seems as though it is being hinted that Jajji?s children are all science projects. Could they be clones too?

It is very likely for these reasons, when Sanji and his siblings were young, Jajji told them that they were the result of the most advanced, progressive, scientific breakthrough and genetic engineering. He also says that they have skills and abilities that don?t have boundaries. Their father?s ultimate goal was that each of them will lead an army in the future. The five children underwent an excruciating training, which Sanji failed each time. It was reported that Sanji was a ?failure? and that he is ?simply a normal, regular human being.?

This upsets Jajji and he eventually declares Sanji as dead for not being able to live up to his expectations. Poor little Sanji was locked up, never allowed to see the light of day.

One Piece 841 Spoilers

In chapter One Piece 841, we can perhaps confirm the humanity of the Vinsmoke siblings.

Are they clones or enhanced human beings? Some say that once Sanji learns the whole truth, it will trigger an awakening that will help Sanji fight against his siblings. Because his current level, as we?ve seen in this chapter, cannot stand a chance against Niji.

We?d love to hear your theories for One Piece 841. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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