One Piece 841 Spoilers: The Eyebrow Reveal; Sanji is Jajji ?s Best Creation?

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One Piece 841 Spoilers

Yonji revealed some shocking truths about their father Jajji and Germa 66. Fans probably had the same expression as Sanji?s after learning what his father has done. Chapter 840 also showed a flashback of Sanji as a kid, growing up under his father?s tutelage. One Piece 841 would surely be a continuation of Sanji?s dark past.

Little Sanji

It is the year of Sanji, however, he seems to be getting his ass kicked frequently. Is Oda building him up for a power up? With all the things Yonji said about the cloning of Germa soldiers, perhaps Sanji remembered what his father said when they were kids. Jajji told them that they were the result of the most advanced, progressive, scientific breakthrough and genetic engineering. Each Vinsmoke kid has enhanced skills and abilities that surpass those of humans. Their father?s ultimate goal was that in the future, each one of them will lead an army.

This led to rumors that Sanji and his siblings might not be humans at all. They may be science projects or experiments that will help Jajji to execute his goal of invading kingdoms. However, in chapter 840, little Sanji was declared a normal human or a failed project. This upsets Jajji and he eventually declares Sanji as dead, for not being able to live up to his expectations. He locks his son up, never allowed to see the light of day.

Some say, if not in One Piece 841, then perhaps in 843, Sanji will emerge strong and victorious. For sure he has it in him all the enhanced fighting abilities Jajji was talking about. Plus, if you would notice, Sanji’s eyebrows are different from his siblings. Could it be that Sanji is Jajji?s best creation and that he is just a late bloomer? Or could it be that Sanji is Jajji?s real son while his other siblings are clones?

One Piece 841 Spoilers

Reiji, a major villain?

Reiji?s true personality is the most hard to read. Sometimes she would be presented as someone who cared about Sanji but then the next time, she sides with her father or her other siblings. Could she be a major villain in the making?

We?d love to hear your theories on One Piece 841. Post them on the comments section below.

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