One Piece 840 Spoilers: Big Mom Brings to Life Germa?s Army? Reiji?s Evilness Revealed

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One Piece 840 Spoilers

Chapter 839 gave us the taste of how the Vinsmokes are as a family and how they see Sanji. If it’s truly?the year of Sanji, he now needs to kick his brothers? asses (and his father?s too!). Learning how the Germa Soldiers are made brings about tons of questions. Here are One Piece 840 spoilers and predictions.

Sanji and his brothers are clones?

If the Vinsmokes can actually clone soldiers, then it could be a possibility that Sanji and his brothers are clones. Could they be Reiji?s clones in male form? After all, Jajji (Judge) once mentioned before that he wanted sons.

Most fans say, however, that this theory is most unlikely to be true because clones could not possibly have Hakis; heck, even emotions. What do you think?

Big Mom?s Soul-Soul Fruit

We know that Big Mom?s Devil Fruit ability allows her to transfer souls to inanimate objects. It is very possible that her ability is what the Vinsmokes are after. With Sanji and Pudding?s wedding, the Vinsmokes and Big Mom can work together and build an army. Is this a Clone Wars Movie spin-off?

One Piece 840 Spoiler

Reiji Vinsmoke

Fans could not decipher Reiji?s personality. With her angelic face and sweet smile, one could mistakenly predict her to be Sanji?s ally in the end. However, rumor has it that in One Piece 840, we will soon find out that it was Reiji who beat up Chef Cosette just to stir up her brothers. She is after all a poison user.

Expect the story to delve deeper into each of the Vinsmoke siblings. Especially, Reiji, who is the only girl in the family as of the moment. Is she a major villain in the making?

Luffy versus Cracker

Meanwhile, we believe that Luffy needs a power up in order to beat Cracker. Could it be that he will finally activate his awakening? Luffy should get a Gear 5th or an awakening because in his current level, he?s already struggling with just a commander. What more if he was up against Big Mom who is the boss and a Yonko?

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