One Piece 840 Spoilers and 839 Recap: The Secret of Germa; Yonji an Ally?

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One Piece 840 Spoilers

Fans felt that they have been waiting for ages for chapter 839. Finally it arrives, giving us a sneak peek into the world of the Vinsmokes. ?Here is a chapter 839 recap and One Piece 840 spoilers.

Family Time

This is a day in the life of the Vinsmokes + Sanji on the side. Chapter 839 opens with Jajji (Judge) and his five children, eating together in one room (yes, one room, not one table). Jajji is up eating on his throne, while his children are?below him, eating together. Niji tries to shame Sanji in front of everyone but Sanji doesn?t mind him. What irks Sanji though is Naji?s ignorance about food. A showdown between who?s right follows after.

Naji calls in Head Chef Cosette and scolds her to the point of throwing the plate on her face. Like the perfect gentleman that he is, Sanji intercepts the plate and expresses his appreciation to Cosette. He points out that the meal Cosette prepared took so much effort and that it should not be wasted. Naji, repulsed by his brother?s actions for defending a commoner, advances to kick Sanji in the face. Jajji stops him at the last second saying, ?Now is not the time or place.. Not before his wedding!?

Shameful Sanji

Naji accuses Sanji for bringing shame to their family, however, Sanji counters that being affiliated with the Vinsmokes brings him shame. Sanji continues with a series of reasons why he hates them. Everything that Sanji said about them are true however, Naji?s logic reigns in their father?s eyes. Royals are meant to act royals they say.

Little Eggplant

In addition to the wristlet, Sanji?gets another time bomb in a form of endangering Zeff, Captain of Cook Pirates and Sanji?s mentor. The commander and ruler of Germa pulls off another cheap trick in order to prevent Sanji from ruining his plans. Adding the life of Zeff as a collateral.

Later on, Sanji encounters a beaten up Cosette and Yonji tells Sanji that he caused this to happen. He adds, ?Aren?t you itching to see Niji? All signs point to him being the culprit!? Yonji then offers Sanji that he?ll lead him to Niji.

Yonji brings Sanji to a some kind of a lab/vault where he sees this image.

One Piece 840 Spoilers

Are the Vinsmokes experimenting on Germa Soldiers to enhance them or are Germa Soldiers machines?

In One Piece 840, expect the secret of Germa to be revealed. Just what are these soldiers (are they humans or machines?) and is Yonji an ally?

If Yonji is not an ally, did he lead Sanji into another trap? Perhaps Yonji has his own plans and dares to sabotage their father.

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