One Piece 838 Spoilers: What Has Cracker Got That May Surprise Luffy?

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After the last chapter wherein Luffy did anything to get past Commander Cracker, it looks like the latter will not hold back in releasing his own super power. According to the latest One Piece 838 spoilers, Cracker did not welcome Luffy?s display of the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. The fight gets even more serious as Cracker tries to plan something to finish off Luffy.

Commander Cracker will not budge, even if Luffy?s Gear Third move hits him. GamenGuide reports that, Cracker will only fend off Luffy?s gun and will release a bigger one. Luffy is obviously shocked, seeing Cracker?s weapon called Pretzel. And because it is a very powerful weapon, Luffy was not able to counter it.

One Piece 838 spoilers have been all about the display of Luffy and Cracker?s best moves. Luffy, doing it to save Sanji while Cracker is fighting to prevent him from taking Sanji away. Luffy?s multiple Hawk Gatling attack is no match for Cracker?s Hard Biscuit. No matter what kind of power he releases, Cracker has a better version.

With no other choice but to use his fourth attack, Luffy releases the Gear Fourth Attack called the Gomu Gomu King Gun. The King Gun will shatter Cracker and will launch him to a certain distance, something that fans can expect for the next to be more exciting. One Piece 838 spoilers reveal that, because Luffy was able to fight Cracker and make him suffer even just for a bit, expect a bigger and more intense fight on the next chapter.

One Piece 838 Spoilers

Because Luffy?s Gomu Gomu King Gun displaces Cracker, many believe that the latter will show his own powerful weapon on the next chapter of the series. But if Brulee and Commander Cracker will suffer and succumb to Luffy, there?s a great chance that the Straw Hats Pirates will be able to leave the Seducing Woods.

Urouge on the other hand might join Luffy in defeating Big Mom, and Zorro, although he will not join Luffy?s team will still fight against Big Mom in the Cake Island.
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