One Piece 837 Spoilers: Nami to Fight Brulee; Luffy to Power Up

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One Piece 838 Spoilers

In Chapter 836, still in the Seducing Woods, our heroes try to escape Cracker, Randolph, and the other Homies. They finally learn that Big Mom?s husband, which we like to call ?the apple juice guy?, is the father of Lola and Chiffon. His name is revealed as Pound. Here is a recap of the last chapter, along with some One Piece 837 Spoilers.

Charlotte Cracker

Despite Nami telling Luffy not to engage one of the three sweet commanders of Big Mom, the one named Cracker, Luffy still takes him on. This chapter gave Cracker a good build up, describing him as someone strong and dangerous because of his B860,000,000 bounty. His Devil Fruit allows him to split his body parts and that was just wicked – seeing 3 arms with swords. Fans say that Luffy would have to power up in this fight. Maybe by way of introducing a new technique perhaps? We all know that Luffy will win this, but nonetheless, it will still be an exciting fight. Expect Luffy to go all out on Cracker in One Piece 837.

Nami versus Brulee

Carrot and Chopper were trapped inside Brulee?s mirror, and even when the mirror shattered, they appeared to be okay. Could they be nearby or in some alternate dimension? Since our prediction failed, with Chopper taking on Brulee, the next suitable contender would be (well, the only one left aside from Luffy) is Nami.

Nami?s Mirage Tempo can probably go up against Brulee?s Mirror-Mirror fruit, making this a really good match up. Plus Nami has a Vivre Card from Lola, which can perhaps help her in rescuing Carrot and Chopper as well.

The Vivre Card from Lola

As soon as Nami shows her Vivre Card from Lola, all the Homies went ?Sorry Brulee!! We Homies cannot oppose that girl-ju!? and they begin to sense Mama?s powerful Soul-Ju in Nami?s card. This might be Nami?s ace that will beat Brulee and help them escape the Seducing Woods in the next chapter.

One Piece 837


Pound mentions that he could be Cracker?s father as well but Cracker refuses to accept this. It may or may not be true; maybe Pound said that just to see if Cracker would let him go. It is quite intriguing to know if Big Mom indeed had 43 husbands and consummated with each one of them, or if she just brought them into the family to expand her business or territory.

Though for sure, what we can confirm is that Pound is the father of Lola and Chiffon. We can also speculate that upon the defeat of Cracker and Brulee, Pound will help Luffy and the gang to get to Sanji.

Let us know your theories for One Piece 837. Hit is up in the comments section below.

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