One Piece 837 Spoilers: Luffy and Sanji Team Up to Take On The Vinsmokes and Big Mom

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One Piece 837

One Piece 836: The Vivre Card Lola Gave Nami, as the title suggests, is about the Vivre Card and Lola being the daughter of Big Mom. Still stuck in the Seducing Woods, Luffy and the gang learn about Pound and sees the effect of the Vivre Card on Big Mom?s Homies. Luffy then goes up against Charlotte Cracker, one of Big Mom?s Sweet Commanders, which has a Devil Fruit ability of giving himself more arms with swords. Kinda reminds us of Zoro?s Asura. Here are our predictions for One Piece 837.

In One Piece 837, it is believed that the Vivre Card is Nami?s ticket to save Chopper and Carrot. Since it has been referred to as Big Mom?s Soul-Ju in the card – no Homie has dared touch her. We are expecting to see Brulee give up her plans on capturing the Straw Hats as now, with the Vivre Card, all the Homies are backing off, leaving Brulee with no one to rely on. If the Vivre Card gets Carrot and Chopper out of the mirror world, maybe the three of them can fight Brulee. Nami?s Mirage Tempo will hopefully be a good matchup against Brulee?s Mirror-Mirror fruit.

Luffy and Charlotte Cracker

One Piece 837

We know that Luffy is stubborn as hell and when he says he wants to fight, he will fight. Despite Nami trying to stop Luffy, saying that fighting Cracker is not part of the plan, Luffy engages Cracker. Some say this is where Luffy will get a power up or a new technique.

The Vinsmokes

We can expect to see the Vinsmokes all together in One Piece 837 or 838. Cracker mentions that tomorrow, all the brothers (Vinsmokes) will be reunited in the Whole Cake Castle. Fans are saying that if this happens, the Straw Hats will come face to face with the Vinsmokes plus Big Mom. How will our heroes fare in this fight? Perhaps this is where our previous prediction will come into play. Brook in his soul form will come in handy to find the keys of Sanji?s handcuffs and help him escape. Then Sanji and Luffy can team up (and maybe Zoro will appear) to take on the Vinsmokes and possibly Big Mom as well.

We?d love to hear your theories on One Piece 837. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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