One Piece 837: Luffy – The Monkey Devil Awakening; Gear 5th Prediction

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Youtuber OneWorldHD shares with us his theory on Luffy?s future power that can probably allow him to defeat Big Mom and Kaido in One Piece 837 +. Based on Luffy?s gear 4th, we can see him continuing his development throughout his explorations in the New World. As he learns more about the Devil Fruit and what it means when they reach Perfection of Devil Fruits, Luffy would most likely discover or use his own awakening very soon. See OneWorldHD?s video and his prediction on Luffy?s gear 5th – Monkey Devil Awakening.

Luffy?s gear 5th.

OneWorldHD states that during the two year time skip, Luffy will get stronger and gain more strength as Rayleigh pointed out when Luffy and Rayleigh met again in Sabaody – ?which was 6 months before the end of the timeskip. It is said that Rayleigh taught Luffy his gear 4th during the 1.5 year point. But Rayleigh sees that Luffy needed something more efficient than gear 4th and something that didn?t hurt his body. It might be probably because gear 4th causes him to retain his expanded muscles with haki for a long period of time for loads of strength. So the idea of gear 5th came about and it could be something that will allow him to rely mostly on his mind and spirit via awakening and Haki.

Is the Final Gear related to the Devil Fruit or Haki?

The video will present that Luffy?s final gear powers could be some type of a levelled up devil fruit ability, though OneWorldHD feels it is most likely related more to Haki. There is definitely something more to Haki than what we know. As Luffy describes that the 3 colors of Haki are just the Basic, it goes to show that there is an advanced Haki such as presented in Zoro and Sanji?s Asura and Diable Jambe.

Another piece of evidence to prove that it is Haki, was the time when Blackbeard said that Luffy?s bounty was too low for his Haki. At the same time, Kaku also acknowledged Zoro?s Asura before as stemmed from Zoro?s Spirit. While Oda in SBS #44 stated that Sanji?s Diable Jambe was conjured by his spirit burning like fire.

One Piece 837

The Devil Spirits.

Asura in Indian religion is an antigod similar to the devil, while Diable Jambe means Devil?s Leg. If these should happen to be Zoro and Sanji?s spiritual aura then we can also expect Luffy to soon introduce his own Haki aura, associated to a devil spirit as well. Could this be the Monkey King? Will we see be seeing this in One Piece 837?

Check out the complete video of OneWorldHD here and see the theory behind Luffy?s Final Gear – Monkey Devil Awakening.

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